Enhance a Meal with Canned Beans!

Canned Beans Make a Meal

You might read that title and think What!!!!!  The fact is that you can enhance a meal with canned beans, they even work for a snack, and they boost nutrition at the same time.

Canned Bean Facts

Canned beans offer several benefits including –

  • A good source of nutrition  
  • A shelf stable meal option
  • A fast meal or snack choice
  • An economical source of protein
  • A versatile ingredient

Canned beans have been around for ages but recent social media comments about processed foods may have made people a bit hesitant to keep canned beans in their pantry. Canned beans, whether Navy, black, red, garbanzo, pinto, fava, cannellini, cranberry, or any of the other many types of beans can provide a base for recipes. If you are concerned about canned foods or the sodium in some canned goods, checkout this post.

While the traditional chili or rice and beans might be the first recipes you think of beans can be used in desserts, as hummus for a snack, or even in an egg and bean breakfast burrito. Cannedbeans.org provides more than 30 different recipes that you can try to add more beans to your eating plan.

Health Benefits of Beans

Beans are a source of protein, fiber, potassium, folate, iron, and a variety of other nutrients in smaller amounts. The protein content of beans makes them a good alternative to animal protein foods while helping to reduce your intake of saturated fat. The 2020 – 2025 US Dietary Guidelines recommend that, depending on your calorie intake, you consume one to three cups of beans per week. In addition to their nutritional value, beans have been studied in terms of how they can help keep your digestive tract health. Researchers have also looked at how beans can help with prevention of some types of cancer and heart disease. At the same time, they can help with blood sugar control. Learn more about the research behind the health benefits of beans by visiting the research page at Cannedbeans.org or printing out this easy infographic.

Enjoyment with Canned Beans!

I love adding beans to salads and pasta or even just adding them as a side dish. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to enhance a meal with canned beans! We enjoyed a three-bean salad with kidney beans, lima beans, green beans and chopped red pepper. The taste and color of the dish really complimented our burger and chicken entrees. Today I have made an appetizer, which can also be a nice side dish or salad. The dish is black beans, white corn, onions, cumin, cilantro, olive oil and lime juice.

To Your Health!

Beans not only add nutritional value and provide some disease prevention benefits can help you feel full longer! The amount and type of fiber in beans aids satiety so you can better manage portions and spacing between meals

About Connie Connie is a Registered Dietitian with extensive experience communicating in the food and nutrition space. Taking the science of food and nutrition and translating it to simple messages, new products, or exciting menus is her expertise. Making nutrition messages clearaccurate, and engaging aids all consumers.

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