Family Meals are the Foundation for a Healthy Nation!

Wow isn’t that the greatest statement! Family meals are the foundation for a healthy nation, how do your family’s meals measure-up?

September is National Family Meals Month!

For the last six years the Food Marketing Institute Foundation has worked to educate families on the benefits of family meals. This year, due to Covid 19 many families have “naturally” learned the advantages of family meals. While Covid 19 created a socially distanced world, family meals have been keeping people together both in person and virtually with our extended families. As families dine together, they are developing healthy meal patterns helping keep the nation healthy.

Science Supports the Benefit of Family Meals!

With a goal of learning if, and how, family meals help the health of the nation, researchers studied family meals. The study, published in The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB), found that the more families have meals together the better their diet intake, especially in terms of fruits and vegetables. The increase in fruit and vegetable intake is an important benefit of family meals. Fruits and Vegetables are packed with important vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help us stay healthy!

More Family Meals Equals More Fruits and Vegetables

Make the month of September your family’s month to boost your intake of fruits and vegetable. If this is a new step for your family start with these tips:

  • Identify a fruit and/or vegetable you love and work to add it to your day
  • Once you are enjoying that fruit or vegetable most days of the week, add another fruit or vegetable you love
  • Slowly keep building your intake until you get to at least one piece of fruit each day and 2 cups of vegetables – you can spread them throughout the day.

If you need help with recipes or want to learn more about different fruits and vegetables visit – Produce for Better Health Foundation

To Your Health!

Make September the month that you find time for family meals, whether it is over breakfast, lunch or dinner enjoying a meal together is good for your soul and your nutrition, When you plan your meals, think about fruits and vegetables, and find new ways to make them a part of your meal. If you need help with ideas or recipes, contact me for some tips.

About Connie Connie is a Registered Dietitian with extensive experience communicating in the food and nutrition space. Taking the science of food and nutrition and translating it to simple messages, new products, or exciting menus is her expertise. Making nutrition messages clearaccurate, and engaging aids all consumers.

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