2022 Food Trends

Top Trends for Food in 2022

As the New Year begins, everyone thinks about resolutions. At the same time, forecasters are looking at food trends that might come with the new year! Looking at some of those trends may shape how you plan family meals or restaurant menus!

Looking at Food Trends

Many food related groups attempt to predict what will happen with food in the new year. Some years forecasts are right on target and in other years, the projected “in-thing” just doesn’t make it. Let’s look at some of the projections for 2022.

  • Food Management magazine offers a Top 10 list. A few of the items include Pasta, Caribbean cuisine, plant-based meats, Queso on everything and “super” local foods. Pasta is a favorite of many, and projections indicate it will return as the base for local foods, plant-based meats, and as a global focus – so versatility is the key with pasta! The trend to local has been evolving for a few years. With dining changes due to covid, and the slow shipping of commodities, the call of local is very strong.
  • Mintel, the marketing agency that focuses on consumers wants, focuses on three key areas in food trends. One is health and well-being, so foods supporting health will be of interest. Foods and beverages that focus on providing calm or relieving anxiety or that help with relaxation will be popular. The second category they predict is all about quality. Consumers want products to deliver on taste, at a price they can afford, while the company delivers ethically – values meet values. Finally, brands will need to convey a support for an individual’s community. Demonstrate how the foods support people enjoying food with others, how they build food into their business, and their community. Show a uniting through food!
  • Food and Wine magazine offers 25 food trends suggested by chefs. In looking at this list, once again there is the callout to hyperlocal foods and beverages. This focus maybe a result of recent food supply chain issues but some of it demonstrates the desire for people to support what happens in their communities. Good news – comfort foods are here to stay, at least through 2022! Vegetables are projected to really grow on menus, which in my mind is Great news! The more vegetables, the more nutrition, and the more variety we add to our meals. If you need some help boosting your intake checkout this blog.

Taking Food Trends to Your Plate

Trends are fun to look at, and certainly important to those in the food and beverage industry, but when it comes to what is on your plate, my advice, as a Registered Dietitian, is simple.

To Your Health!

As the year 2022 begins remember, good nutrition can help keep us healthy. Work to develop a New Year’s Resolution that focuses on a menu with lots of plant foods, lean or low-fat protein and whole grains! Enjoy!

About Connie Connie is a Registered Dietitian with extensive experience communicating in the food and nutrition space. Taking the science of food and nutrition and translating it to simple messages, new products, or exciting menus is her expertise. Making nutrition messages clearaccurate, and engaging aids all consumers.

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